This is by no means an exhaustive list of all awards available to Louisiana Knights.  If you see where we’ve missed one, contact us.

Knight of the Holy Land

KHL.pngThis award is presented to those sir knights who had shown exemplary graciousness by donating $1,000 or more to the Louisiana Holy Land Pilgrimage Endowment Fund.  Started by Grand Commander J. Keith Gates in 2018, the Fund seeks to provide a long term funding platform for Louisiana ministers to travel to the Holy Land on pilgrimage.

Past recipients include:

Year Sir Knight
2018 Michael A. Watts
2018 Trinity Commandery, No. 8
2018 Richard L. James
2018 Anthony Radosti

Knight Templar Cross of Honor

KTCHThe Knight Templar Cross of Honor is a Grand Encampment award given to one member per state per year for exceptional and meritorious service rendered to the Order, far beyond the call of duty, and beyond the service usually expected of an officer or member.  A nomination for the award shall be made by the Commandery of which the nominee is a member, by a motion adopted by the Commandery and must be submitted in writing and approved by the Grand Commander of the respective state. No present or past elected Grand Officer of a Grand Commandery shall be eligible for the award. One nomination may be made from each Grand Commandery, regardless of the number of members, plus one additional nomination may be made from a Grand Commandery for each 5,000 members or major fraction thereof, during any one year. No posthumous awards shall be made.

Past Recipients of the KTCH:

Sir Knight Date of Award Commandery
Head, John A. 12/1/1984 Ascension
Greer, Hiram Knox 12/1/1988 Indivisible Friends
Angelo Sr., Maurice Norman 12/1/1991 Ivanhoe
Belmont Jr., Ernest C. 12/1/1992 Ivanhoe
Carlisle, Harold Fred 12/1/1993 Crusader
Woodard, Calvin Rex 12/1/1996 Crusader
Wolfe, Clayton Albert 12/1/1997 Indivisible Friends
Theriot, Dudley J. 12/1/1998 Payen
Moore, James Grayson 4/10/2000 Monroe
Huckaby, Albert 4/9/2001 Crusader
Bianchini Sr., Franklin Delano 4/8/2002 Indivisible Friends
Lee, Percy Wyatt 4/14/2003 Plains
Tomlinson, James Robert 4/26/2004 Indivisible Friends
Bennett, John Armand-Michael 4/11/2005 Jacques DeMolay
Brown, Thomas Paul 4/9/2006 Ascension
Strout, Clyde 4/23/2007 Ascension
Belanger, John Leslie 4/14/2008 Payen
Montgomery Jr., Samuel L. 4/6/2009 Indivisible Friends
Reeves, Alton Carey 3/17/2010 Monroe
Ogrinc, Vincent John 3/21/2011 Ascension
Powell, William B. 2/28/2012 Malta
Houston, Gerald H. 2/14/2013 Rhodes
Lomonaco Jr., Salvador Frank 1/27/2014 Indivisible Friends
Reine, Edward Albert 3/4/2015 Indivisible Friends
Scanlan Jr., Henry George 2/25/2016 Plains
Porter, James Woodrow 1/17/2017 C.A. Everitt
Smith, Charles Ray 1/25/2018 Jacques DeMolay
West, Michael Darin 03/02/2019 Ascension

Knight Commander of the Temple

KCTThe Knight Commander of the Temple (KCT) is given by the Grand Encampment’s College of Honors for service to the Order, the Fraternity, the Community, or Mankind.  Current KCT holders may nominate prospective recipients to the College of Honors.  The number of Knights Commander of the Temple selected for each Grand Commandery annually is determined as follows: five KCTs may be awarded to Grand Commanderies with fewer than 7,500 members (such as Louisiana) and ten KCTs may be awarded to Grand Commanderies with more than 7,500 members.

Any holder of the KCT may make nominations for the Knight Commander of the Temple (KCT) to the Deputy in each Grand Commandery. Knights Commander of the Temple are selected by the Deputies of each state, in accordance with the number allotted to each Grand Commandery, and their names forwarded to the College of Honors. Since this Honor is given for service to the Order, the Fraternity, the Community, or Mankind, it is left to the Deputy of each Jurisdiction to prioritize nominations within the guidelines given. The Deputy is also free to accept or reject any nomination for the KCT.  Any Active or Emeritus Member of the College of Honors has the “Right of Veto” for any nomination for the Knight Commander of the Temple. This veto can only be overturned by a unanimous vote of the Active Members of the College of Honors. All Department Commanders are ex officio awarded Knight Commander of the Temple if they have not previously received this distinction. The award consists of a neck jewel on a purple ribbon as shown, a lapel pin of the same design as the center of the jewel, and a wood-mounted certificate or patent. All Knights Commander of the Temple, elect, are invested with the KCT at some appropriate occasion. A KCT Dinner, a special KCT Meeting, a Grand Commandery Conclave, or other function deemed suitable by the Deputy is appropriate. The Deputy, or some holder of the Knight Commander of the Temple he so designates, shall perform the Investiture. The ceremony authored by MEPGM William H. Koon, II, or another appropriate ceremony of the Deputy’s choosing may be used. The investiture may be done in public, with ladies present.

Past Recipients of the KCT:

Sir Knight Date Commandery
Little Jr., Earl Roy Unknown Indivisible Friends
McDowell, Bowdre Unknown Indivisible Friends
Walley, James M. unknown Indivisible Friends
McCarty, Charles Lindbergh unknown Ivanhoe
James, Richard Leo unknown Monroe
Reeves, Alton Carey unknown Monroe
Russell, Melvin Garland unknown Monroe
Mollere, William Jules unknown Plains
Young, Harold Hill unknown Malta
Payne, Lillard Ewell unknown Payen
Vice, Lloyd A. unknown St. Paul
McCarty, Charles Lindbergh unknown Ivanhoe
Carlisle, Harold Fred unknown Crusader
Hebert, Lloyd Adam 1/1/1994 Indivisible Friends
Davis, Marvin Arnold 1/1/1998 Monroe
Seale, Ronald A. 1/1/1999 Plains
Durham Jr., Robert Edward 10/2/1999 New Albany, Indiana
Brown, Thomas Paul 1/1/2000 Ascension
Durand, Earl Jerome “Mickey” 7/5/2001 Trinity
Morris, W. A. 7/5/2001 Trinity
Roberts Jr., Robert Vincent 4/25/2003 Crusader
Entwistle Jr., Howard Fellows 1/1/2004 Ascension
Parker, James Dean 1/1/2004 Ivanhoe
Fristoe, Chris E. 6/3/2005 Malta
Woodard, Calvin Rex 6/3/2005 Crusader
Montgomery Jr., Samuel L. 4/14/2006 Indivisible Friends
Oliver III, Theodore J. 4/14/2006 Indivisible Friends
 du Treil Jr., Frank Nadau 4/23/2008 Jacques DeMolay
Richter Jr., John William 4/23/2008 C.A. Everitt
Moore, James Grayson 5/5/2009 Monroe
Tuck Jr., Roy Bernard 5/5/2009 Rhodes
Guillot, Beverly Joseph 5/19/2010 Plains
Powell Sr., William Keith 5/19/2010 Malta
Scanlan Jr., Henry George 4/26/2011 Plains
Schaff, Robert Leonard 4/26/2011 Plains
Harrelson, Micheal Forrest 3/29/2012 Payen
Stanly, Finly Stephens 3/29/2012 Rhodes
Park, Donald Edward 8/15/2012 Plains
Atkinson, Vernon Riley 6/6/2013 Trinity
Marze, James David 6/6/2013 Trinity
Plaisance, Larry Joseph 3/31/2014 Indivisible Friends
Reine, Edward Albert 3/31/2014 Indivisible Friends
Stevenson Sr., Andrew Henry 4/25/2015 Ascension
Dawson Jr., Vernon Eugene 4/25/2015 Istrouma
Conaway Jr., Carlton H. 4/7/2016 C.A. Everitt
Porter, James Woodrow 4/7/2016 C.A. Everitt
Bean, Allan Klark 7/20/2017 Monroe
Laurence, Michael L. 7/20/2017 Malta
Watts, Michael Arnold 3/22/2018 Bethlehem
Jenkins, Guy A. 3/22/2018 St. Paul
Holley, Travis Marcelle 3/26/2018 Monroe

Knight Grand Cross of the Temple


Upon the election of any officer of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the USA, he will be presented the Knight Grand Cross of the Temple (KGC) following his Installation into office, unless he is a current holder of the same. His patent and jewel are presented at no cost to him. Should a death occur in the elected line, and an appointment made to fill a vacancy, the same shall apply, with the KGC being presented at the Installation of the new Officer appointed by the Grand Master.

Additional Knights Grand Cross of the Temple may be nominated by any member of the College of Honors, but must carry the unanimous approval of the Active Members. All Active Members must give their approval before any KGC may be awarded, either orally, or in writing.

The total numbers of Knights Grand Cross is set at 24; not counting elected or appointed Officers of the Grand Encampment, per an original Decision by MEPGM Thornley. The original Decision delineated “Officers or Past Officers of the Grand Encampment” would not count in the 24 total. Accordingly, Department or Past Department Commanders are not counted toward the total of 24. The Investiture of Knight Grand Cross of the Temple, is performed by the Grand Master of the College of Honors, or by a member of the College of Honors that he so designates. The jewel of a KGC is shown above and is worn on the left side of the recipient’s uniform.

Past recipients include:

Year Sir Knight
1/1/2006 Lloyd A. Hebert
1/1/1992 Earl R. Little, Jr.
1/1/2004 Ronald A. Seale

Membership Jewel

MSJAny Sir Knight who is the first line signer for a total of ten petitioners who are either Knighted or restored to membership, is eligible to receive the Grand Encampment Membership Jewel.Those being restored to membership must have been off the active roll for a period of one year or more in order to qualify in the count. The total is cumulative with no time boundaries. This means a Sir Knight can get his total of ten Knightings and/or restorations in one day, one month, one year, five years, or whatever, so long as the award continues to be authorized.

Further recognition in the form of a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster is given for each five additional Knightings, restorations, or combination of both. A single Silver Oak Leaf Cluster replaces all bronze clusters when the recipient qualifies for his fifth additional recognition. A single Gold Leaf Cluster replaces all silver and bronze clusters when recipient qualifies with his 135th Knighting or Restoration. No more than 8 clusters may be worn on the ribbon at any time.

Those receiving the Gold Oak Leaf Cluster will have their picture published on the cover of the Knight Templar Magazine.

Grand Commandery Meritorious Service Award

This award is given annually to Commanders who achieve a list of goals, including attending multiple Royal Arch, Cryptic Council, and Blue Lodge meetings and to hold various required observances.

The award is also given to recorders who accomplish certain goals including keeping accurate records and attending all meetings.



Grand Commandery Unity Award

This award is given annually by the Grand Commander of Louisiana to a recipient who has show distinguished service to other Louisiana appendant bodies of Masonry, in addition to Templary.